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In September 2011 we decided to set up a virtual (via email) Patient Participation Group (PPG). The purpose of establishing a PPG was to ensure that patients are involved in decisions about the quality of the services we provide.

We invited all registered patients to apply to join this new PPG by placing posters around the surgery and handing out invitation leaflets at the reception desk. The response to this approach was not as good as we had hoped, so we decided to review a list of all the patients for whom we had an email address. We selected patients from this list to try to get a representative group and sent them invitations to join the PPG. All applicants were asked to complete a standard form which asked for their sex, age and ethnicity, to assist in selecting a representative membership of the Group.

In 2013 we reviewed our Patient Participation Group with a view to widening its membership. This is because our practice population had grown/changed since the initial formation of the group, and we wanted to ensure that our PPG developed in line with our evolving patient demographic.

To achieve this we canvassed our registered patients by a variety of means (email, posters in waiting room, alerts on electronic display board, surgery website) inviting them to become part of the group. Once this process was completed it became apparent that we had no representative in the 16-25 age group. Our current list size includes 1574 16-25 year olds (approximately 12% of our practice population). Therefore we decided to specifically target patients in that demographic, either opportunistically when they visited the surgery and by telephone/email. This resulted in the recruitment of one representative from that age group to the PPG.

The group now had 26 members, profiled as follows:


Female: 15

Age Group

Aged 16-25 1
Aged 26-45 1
Aged 46-65 14
Aged 66-79 9
Aged 80+ 1 1


White British: 20
Black Caribbean: 2
Other 4

This adequately reflects our adult patient population which is predominantly made of White British people aged 45-79 years.

As in previous years, prior to the survey commencing there were a series of virtual consultations with the PPG member regarding the content, design and focus of this years survey. A questionnaire was then drafted to include the design specifications and questions suggested by the group. The resulting draft survey was submitted to the PPG for final approval before being released to all patients for completion.

Patient Participation Group Survey Results & Action Plan

Click here to download our patient survey results & action plan for 2014.

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Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away! BMI The Sloane Hospital Happy Building J & R Killick Funeral Directors
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